Intergalaktische Erfahrungsreise

Designing a Smart Community Event Planning Platform
17.09, 17:00–18:00 (Europe/Berlin), Smart City Schmiede

Test and discussion of a prototype for a platform that supports citizens in event planning in Bamberg.

Bamberg aspires to become a Smart City, and consequently explores new ways to support its citizens with digital technologies. Our master's thesis addresses the specific question of how cultural professionals can be supported in their search for suitable event spaces. Through events, citizens can influence and enrich the cultural life of the city, as well as create spaces for exchange.
In the past months, we had many valuable conversations with artists, organizers, space providers and material lenders to understand their needs for a "Raumlotse" platform in Bamberg. During the workshop, we would like to test a first prototype for a venue platform, discuss requirements, and gather criticism and ideas.

Leonie (fey/feys) studiert Computing in the Humanities M.Sc. an der Universität Bamberg. Fey schreibt eine Masterarbeit im Rahmen des Smart City Research Labs. Fey liegt neben der Verbesserung der Welt mit Hilfe von digitalen Technologien das vielfältige kulturelle Leben Bambergs sehr am Herzen.